Factors Affecting Gold Calculations: What Impacts the Value of Your Gold

Date of Published: September 13, 2023

Gold is the one asset that one can find in every home. Many people purchase gold to create wealth while others purchase it to pass down to the succeeding generation. We all have strong emotional ties to gold because it has been an integral part of  special occasions like weddings and also has religious importance. Due to its great investment potential and social-economic importance, making accurate gold calculations is extremely important. Gold is a safe and long-term investment tool and. helps us in any future financial crisis and emergencies. 


Gold is categorized into hedging investment class. It means the price of gold goes down when the interest rate increases and vice versa. This parameter is directly related to the strength of the economy. Therefore, gold safeguards against a declining economy. It also works in opposition to inflation.


You might have noticed the gold price fluctuations on a daily basis. But have you ever thought about why gold prices fluctuate? 


Reasons behind the gold price fluctuations


India has the largest consumer base for gold. The demand for gold is driven by culture, tradition, and a desire for vanity. Here are the reasons behind the gold price fluctuations:-

Demand and Supply

These factors impact the price fluctuation of many asset classes. The price of gold rises in accordance with an increase in demand, and vice versa. Demand generally shoots up on occasions like festivals, weddings, etc. 


Gold is in constant demand throughout the year and this is why . supply and demand of gold is always high compared to other assets. 

Geopolitical Factors

Crisis-like situations are an example of geopolitical factors. It impacts gold prices positively as it is known as a safe instrument of investment.


A recent example of a geopolitical factor is the war between Russia and Ukraine. It impacted the prices of gold because people were more concerned to park their money in the safest option possible.


International factors

Mostly, gold is imported into India from foreign countries that’s why the international spot price of gold acts as a factor in deciding the metal value of gold. The London bullion market determines the spot price. 

Currency fluctuations

The gold price fluctuation happens when the US dollar is converted to Indian rupees during imports. Because gold trades on the global market a weak Indian rupee makes importing gold more expensive and vice versa.


As discussed, gold is a hedging tool against inflation. That’s the reason people buy more gold during inflation . When inflation happens, the currency value goes down and a large population runs towards the gold for investment. 


Gold acts as a hedging tool against inflationary situations when inflation stays high for a longer period of time. 

Interest rates

Gold and interest rates are inversely proportional in nature. When the interest rate goes up, the price of gold decreases, and the interest rate goes down then the price of gold increases.

Taxes and Import duty

Gold is not produced or mined in India. We import gold from other countries and pay import duty while purchasing it. The gold price fluctuations are impacted by the increase or decrease in import duty also.


Rural demand greatly impacts gold demand. In India, rural markets are responsible for the majority of gold purchases. When there is a good monsoon, there is a good harvest, and the money generated is invested in gold, which is used during the rainy season because gold provides a safe haven during the bad monsoon.


If you are planning to sell your gold or obtain cash against your gold, you should take care of all the possible factors affecting gold prices. In case you will face any problems in making these decisions, then you must consider experts like Value Gold for hassle-free further assistance. Value Gold has refined and consumer-friendly processes to value your gold and provide cash against it without any human intervention when assessing the purity and the weight of the gold.

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