What documents are required to sell gold for cash at Value Gold?

Date of Published: April 28, 2024

Throughout history and civilizations, gold has served as a symbol of affluence. Apart from being aesthetically appealing, gold has a significant position in the global economy as a perceptible asset with inherent value. Value Gold ensures that you receive the full value of your gold without any undervaluation. If you wish to sell gold for cash, this is the most effective method to do so.

Selling gold posed challenges such as offering lower prices, inaccurate value determination, and undervaluation of gold. Due to market volatility, it becomes difficult to keep track of gold’s value on a daily basis. Thus, it is very important to make sure that when you sell gold for money, you get the accurate amount as per market value. Value Gold helps with just that. Let us look at the process of selling gold and the documents required to do so through Value Gold.

What are the documents required for selling gold at Value Gold?

The process of selling gold is quite hassle-free at Value Gold, one of Hyderabad’s most prominent old gold buyers. For identification and verification purposes, only four documents are required:

Aadhar Card: The government issues the Aadhar Card as a unique identification, which aids in establishing the seller’s identity. This helps ensure the legitimacy of the transaction and compliance with regulatory norms. Aadhar Card also helps with KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, which is a mandate for any financial transactions.

The Income Tax Department issues a PAN Card as an additional unique identification. A PAN card is a mandatory document for high-value transactions, which helps with tracking large transactions and preventing tax evasion. The presence of PAN identification also makes it transparent and compliant with tax regulations.

Address Proof: Address proof helps by stamping validation on the seller’s details and existence. Address proof refers to anything that authenticates the residential presence, such as utility bills, ration cards, driving licenses, and so on. Although the Aadhar Card is considered a master verification ID, specific address proof still helps to keep large transactions more transparent.

Bank Account Details: Bank account details are required for transferring the valuation when you sell gold for money. The money is transferred after a proper purity check and other formalities. Transferring money through banks also helps keep track of the transaction and documentation.

How do I sell gold for cash at Value Gold?

Value Gold follows a very quick and concise process for its customers who want to sell their gold. Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Bring in your gold:

Come to the nearest store of Value Gold with the gold you want to sell. Value Gold takes gold in the form of old jewelry, bricks, coins, or bars. Don’t worry if you have broken jewelry; Value Gold will give you the right amount of all pieces of gold. 

Step 2:

Testing the purity of gold:

Value Gold will conduct a purity test on your gold upon receipt to ascertain its exact value. Value Gold uses advanced technology, such as testing under XRF machines, ultrasonic cleaning, steam treatment, and melting with complete accuracy without any human intervention. Machines perform all tasks, eliminating the possibility of human error. This allows you to get the exact amount of the gold you bring without shortchanging.

Step 3:

Melting the gold for better value : 

We melt the gold to determine its precise value and worth. The molten mass is then weighed in front of you to maintain complete transparency. Machines perform the melting process, ensuring it is fast, hassle-free, and accurate. The process ensures the best value for the gold you bring.

Step 4:

Receive the balance amount: 

We immediately pay you the amount after verifying the gold’s value. We make the payment using IMPS, NEFT, or RTG methods, using the bank account details you provided during document verification.

Conclusion : 

So, now you know how simple and fast the process of selling gold can be at Value Gold. The transactions are completely secure and authenticated, so you get the best value for the gold you bring. There is no risk of undervaluation, inaccurate purity checks, or time-consuming processes to sell gold. So, visit your nearest Value Gold store to sell any old gold jewelry, coins, etc., and get the best value for it.

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